Team Members
SOC2 Audit prep

SOC2 type 2 audits are a bear. We can come in and help you get ready. We've guided our customers through many audits and we've got it down to a science. Our goal is to get you secure and proving it with zero exceptions.

Office Meeting
Infosec review

Information security is absolutely necessary for customer trust. If you're not able to safeguard your customers' data you don't really have a business. We're not Infosec specialists, but we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Office Conversation
CI/CD tuning and improvements

You know that XKCD where the developer is messing around and gets in trouble but he just says "Compiling" and gets off the hook? The reality is that your developers actually hate sitting around while CI/CD runs. We can help you save a lot of their time, saved developer time gives you greater developer happiness and greater product velocity.

Data Reviewing
Infrastructure as code

Repeatability, elimination of error, code reviewed infrastructure. What's not to love about infrastructure as code. We can even import your existing infrastructure and train up your team in sane practices around managing your cloud with world class tools. What's not to love about that?