We are a small consortium of capable DevOps people. We operate independently and embed with your team to bring world class DevOps practices to your organization.

Joe Shockman

I founded Ninja Ops to create the sort of company I always wished I could call in to kick ass while I was busy. We pride ourselves on eliminating toil, improving efficiency, catching the details that tired and busy eyes have missed and above all creating value in every minute of every day.

mei self.jpeg
Mei Pang
Organizing Principle

My background is in fintech. You've never met a more careful and methodical Ninja. I've also got the chops when it comes to monitoring and all things insight. You can't fix what you can't see.

Ryan Labouve

It's Eleven PM. do you know where your Berserker is?

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Elbert Lai
Anonymous Ninja

You see that photo? That's not even me. That's how Ninja I am. But you want stuff done? I'm your man.

Paul Tuckfield
Data tier wizard

I've been doing databases, visibility and scalability my whole career. The titles, the infrastructure and the systems never stop changing over time, but most of the goals and corresponding challenges remain surprisingly similar. If you're concerned or uncertain about your data layer in terms of scalability, reliability or observability I can help.